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Duvian Montoya

1975, Norwalk, CT; lives and works in Easton, CT


Duvian Montoya’s early work has been described as “magical realism,” perhaps in part owing to the influence of author, and fellow Colombian, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Pieces from this time period focused on themes of immigration, Latin American identity in the U.S., and displacement. 


In his current phase, Montoya has moved away from the intense stylization that characterized his early work. Newer pieces have an increased focus on technical skill and detailed imagery. His scenes are culled from some of the most banal moments in our everyday life. This quietness allows Montoya to make surprising choices and subtle statements about the way we live our lives today. 


Montoya’s work is actively collected by both public and private institutions, including the city of Norwalk, the city of New Haven, the Mattatuck Museum, Disney and Gulfstream Worldwide. 


“My work is a personal journal of my Hispanic heritage and of observations made by intimate interactions and social anxieties of the present state of “reality””. 

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