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Juan Andreu 


Juan Andreu is known for his large-scale public works of art, which are placed in churches, public displays and private collections. Juan has shown his work extensively since 1974 in Spain and the USA receiving numerous awards. His works range in size from small tabletop pieces to large bronze and wood sculptures. Juan is specialized in classic sculpture in ceramic, wood, bronze and stone mediums. He also paints both small and large scale works in oil, watercolor and pastel.


Juan Andreu holds a Ph. D. in Fine Arts from the University of Valencia, School of Fine Arts, in Spain. Juan is a Professor of Art at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut & Housatonic Technical Community College in Bridgeport, CT. He has also taught art at Silvermine Guild and the Farmington Valley Arts Centers.



My thematic subjects deal with the complexities and the characteristics of the human condition. They are an appealing part of my plastic language that relates the forms with its environment. My goal is to give meaning to that integration. I like to experiment and transform surfaces, to invert the scale of proportions and to find an aesthetic balance shaping the space with textures and unconventionalisms. I demand of myself a coherent compromise and a commentary of social criticism. I like to explore new materials that may require the total renewal of my personal established processe.I believe to have an open mind that regards the acceptance of the principles ruling freedom of expression .

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