It was in his birth country Haiti that Jean Benoit's obsessive love affair with the arts began. At an early age, the artist was exposed to an array of art forms from historic plays which often included folklore dances, ballet, and jazz to traditional artisan arts and comic books. In primary school, where he sat behind a small hand-made wooden desk in Port-Au-Prince staring out the window, he would often be lost in the majestic beauty of the mountains surrounding the country side daydreaming of a future in America. It was there that he learned to draw his first comic book characters. At the age of 12 he migrated to America where he would be exposed to an abundance of cultural mélange and contemporary ideas, and thus his journey to become a successful artist was set forth. A self-taught artist, he has devoted himself to be a lifetime student of the arts. His creative endeavors are labors of love. He draws inspiration from all aspects of the universe. His work has been exposéd in dozens of galleries.




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