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Art Consulting

Picture That Art Consulting Firm was established in 2002 and is based in Stamford, CT. In addition to sourcing framed artwork for facilities, we provide art consulting, appraisal, collection management and curatorial services to corporations, healthcare organizations and academic institutions nationwide. Our extensive team of art professionals includes designers, registrars, art handlers, installers, appraisers and restoration specialists. In addition, our global network consists of both established and emerging artists, representative of international cultures around the world.


Consulting . . .

Picture That Art Consultants have expertise in creating successful art solutions that present opportunities to reinforce an organization’s goals, and at the same time incorporate personal preferences. We are skilled at ensuring our customized art solutions reflect a professional image that will enhance our clients’ environment. At the same time, we remain sensitive to budget parameters and scheduling demands whether outfitting a newly constructed multi-facility campus or a few conference rooms that were recently renovated.


Design. . .

The success of our design process hinges on the importance we place on listening to a client describe their requirements, interpreting their direction into a proposal for consideration, and ultimately responding with an optimal art solution tailored to meet art preferences, budget and scheduling needs.


The components of our design process include:

  1. Consult with client to discuss components, culture, personal preferences and project goals.

  2. Review floor plans to identify strategic areas to install art, while taking into consideration the goals of the art program relative to the interior design of the space.

  3. Confirm budget and scheduling requirements in order to determine art expenditures and project timeline.

  4. Evaluate existing artwork for reuse, reframing or de-accession.

  5. Acquire new artwork when necessary.

  6. Oversee transportation and installation.

  7. Develop artwork inventory database. A complete inventory is essential for asset management, artwork reassignment, insurance, and appraisal purposes.



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