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Education + Culture

Our team of learning consultants develop and facilitate art history lectures, cultural awareness seminars and develop content for cultural publications. We also have a "creative suite" of offerings where artists teach hand-on courses ranging from Mask-Making to the Art by Healing, suitable for both adults and children. We offer these programs to supplement our cultural exhibits or as stand-alone programs.


Partial List of Offerings Include:

  1. Building a Culturally Diverse Art Collection.

  2. Promoting Cultural Awareness through Fine Art

  3. Empowering Diversity Councils through Art

  4. Essentials of Managing Healthcare Art Collections.

  5. The "Art" of minimizing racial barriers and understanding differences

  6.  Arte en Espanol

  7.  The Silk Road - An Artistic Journey Across Asia

  8.  19th, 20th and 21st century African-American Art History

  9.  The Impact of WPA on Art

10.  Evolution of Mask-Making: Influences from Africa, The

       Caribbean and The Americas

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