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Risk Management & Insurance Consulting

Our team of consultants develop and facilitate all aspects of the risk management process including:

  • Risk Identification

  • Risk Analysis

  • Risk Control

  • Risk Financing

  • Risk Administration


We work with legal, finance, safety and engineering, loss control and risk management departments. We work closely with directors and officers, CEOs, controllers, in-house lawyers, outside counsel, accounting firms and other professional advisors.

Our services address the evolving risk management and insurance challenges that have an impact on the financial strength of corporations, financial institutions, healthcare providers, academic institutions and non-profit organizations.

Picture That's Risk Management professional services were strategically added to supplement our existing consultative and advisory services. The Picture That Team has a combination of 75+ years of experience and are industry experts who provide for senior management marshaling the collective resources of our global network of insurance brokers, lawyers, accountants, actuaries, safety and loss control consultants.

Risk Management activities that our services complement include:

1. Evaluation of existing insured programs

2. Logical classification of risks: property, liability, net income and human resources

3. Insurance policy analysis

4. Policies and procedures reviews

5. Contract provisions reviews, i.e., insurance requirements, etc.

6. Gathering loss information

7. Determine cost of risk

8. Risk control

9. Risk financing

10. Risk administration

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