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Chaz Daviscz was born and raised in Stamford, Connecticut.  He is a graduate of the Academy of Information Technology & Engineering, where he focused on advanced animation and cartooning. From age three, he showed great interest in cartoons and animation.  Chaz says, “I remember asking my mom to show me how to draw the characters from a cartoon called ‘VeggieTales’.  Ever since then, I’ve been hooked”.  Growing up, he watched and fell in love with classic cartoons from as far back as the 60s'and 70’s, such as “Looney Toons”, “Popeye the Sailor”, and “Fat Albert”. Since grade school, he has been cartooning and animating on his own, starting with little flipbooks, and now a drawing tablet. To quote his middle school art teacher, David Sepulveda, “Chaz’s impressive ability to imbue and animate his characters with the full range of emotion and wonder represents artistic insight, well beyond his age." His drawings are not copied, but represent spontaneous free-hand creations.  During his senior year in high school, he began working with digital animation. He is a two-time winner of the Stamford Ferguson Library Art competition for 2013 and 2014.  In September of 2014, he was chosen out of 400 applicants to participate in the Arts and Crafts on Bedford Fair here in Stamford.  His prints and clothing featuring his original characters were a huge success during the five years he participated. The Stamford Advocate published a story about Chaz in October of 2014, which caught the attention of legendary cartoonist, Mort Walker, of Beetle Bailey fame.  He was so impressed by Chaz's work, that he wanted to meet with him personally, and invited Chaz to his home. “I felt over-joyed that such a cartoon legend wanted to meet me, just a kid with a dream and a pen”, Chaz says. Chaz’s artwork was featured in the promotional material for the “teen summer reading” program at the Ferguson Library for two consecutive years. In 2015, he was the only student invited by UCONN to participate in a Black History Month art show featuring legendary cartoonists, such as Walker and Ray Billingsley (CURTIS). In 2019, he was chosen to participate in downtown Stamford’s “Art Walk”. At present, he is a college student, and has two original webcomic series' on called "Lil' Denny", based on his father and his childhood friends, and "Like Brother like Father", a comic homage to the many family sitcoms of the 1980s. He updates the comics every Friday and Saturday, and has several other projects in production, including his YouTube channel, SokChoy TV.


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