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Juneteenth 2021 Activities

1. ​Experience a Virtual Tour of HBCU Art Collections where SiriusXM has partnerships. Artwork selected will include themes relevant to SiriusXM business areas:  Music, Talk and Sports.

  • Morgan State University

  • Howard University

  • Morehouse College

  • Spelman College

  • Prairie View A&M

  • Huston-Tillotson University

View HBCU Art Collection Tours for PT Foundation Diversity in Patent Law​ – Relevant theme for this client was Law, Legal and Patents.

Budget: $6,000

Go Live Date: June 14  

2. Host a Lunch & Learn during the week of Juneteenth with artists and Museum Directors discussing their HBCU’s Art Collections and engage in a Q&A with SiriusXM employees. For LUNCH portion, highlight traditional foods that were prevalent during the period including Red Soda Pop and more.​​

3. Select a signature work of art to “brand” Juneteenth @ SiriusXM and include a listing of SiriusXM events for the month in the branded artwork as well.

4. Provide employee Juneteenth keepsakes using signature artwork (e.g. mini-print, poncho, tank top, spiral journal, etc.)  ​​


5. Throw a LIVE “Jubilee Party” featuring music by DRAKE and ADAIR.  The DJs can also “spin” music prevalent during the period and show videoclips of popular dances throughout this event. .  ​​​

6. Designate a H-VAC segment on Urban View Channel 126 and create a H-VAC Stitcher Show to highlight each HBCU’s artwork and include guest speakers including artists, HBCU museum directors, art gallery owners, auction house professionals, musicians, etc.  Develop Social Media Marketing and Music tracks with DRAKE and ADAIR. ​


Celebrate Freedom


The Culture Keepers






Art of Inclusion

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