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David Wilson


Born and raised in West Virginia, David Wilson currently resides in North Carolina and has had a strong interest in the arts since early childhood. Throughout his early training, Wilson maintained sufficient artistic focus to investigate African American artists of the past. He spent many hours after school delving into the county library’s stacks on the Harlem Renaissance and Mexican Muralists. There he found artists such as Charles White, Romare Bearden, Elizabeth Catlett, Diego Rivera and Jacob Lawrence – these masters would open Wilson’s eyes to a whole new level of black creativity. This newfound passion carried him to Hampton University where he was afforded the valuable opportunity to study under prolific artist/muralist, John Biggers. Under Biggers, Wilson discovered a deeper connection with his rich black art heritage and began developing a new way of expressing his experiences as a black artist. His work took on bolder, brighter colors and a greater emphasis on the human form was evident. His use of line became more fluid as he pulled on his own personal experiences with family, music and culture to create magnificent expressions of the soul experience. Since obtaining his degree from Hampton, Wilson has exhibited at notable galleries and venues in Atlanta, New York and Washington, DC. He was contracted by ESSENCE magazine to reproduce limited edition reproductions of his original works and invited by the US Army to serve as Artist in Residence in Germany during a Black History Month observance. In addition to his fine art and educational achievements, Wilson has gained attention as a public artist, creating several murals throughout the state. His crowning achievement is "Divergent Threads, Lucent Memories," a 500 square foot glass mural for the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African American Arts+Culture in Charlotte.


Wilson’s works rest in the notable private and celebrity collections of Actors, Ossie Davis and Hill Harper, Actresses Ruby Dee, Phylicia Rashaad and Debbie Allen, as well as sports icons, Baron Davis (Los Angeles Clippers) and ESPN anchor, Stuart Scott.


"I wish to produce art that focuses on the experiences of my culture and ancestral heritage. There’s a pure beauty within the African American experience that is manifested outwardly in our characteristic hues, features and mannerisms. My art serves an entry point into a greater understanding of self and my rich heritage. Not only am I awakened to the artistic advancements that my Egyptian ancestors provided; I am also filled with pride when my artistic journeys broaden my knowledge of African/African American advancements to the world. It is during the process of creation that I realize my ability to stop time and shape reality into my own personal and universal metaphors. While these metaphors manifest in black, I create for interpretation by all. My goal is to inspire introspection, education and communication."

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