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Participating Artists and Diversity Highlights

Upon initially inviting artists to submit artwork in August 2014, we received submissions of over 2,000 works by 333 different artists, all of whom demonstrated impressive artistic ability. Of this population, 60 artists were selected as finalists.



The goal for PAMC’s Art Collection was to acquire artwork from Connecticut artists primarily, and New England artists secondarily, in order to contribute economically to our local artist community. As a result of this goal, 56% of selected artists are from Connecticut; and equally noteworthy, 36% of those artists live and work in Fairfield County. Overall, 61% of the artists are from New England. The remaining 39% of artists are from other geographical areas; 36% are from other USA locations and 3% are from Europe.



We realize that it is important for an art collection to represent the diversity of the community it serves. Given this, our intent was to align the diversity of the artists with PAMC’s patients and surrounding community. We are pleased that the racial makeup of our artists is 69% White, 22% Black or African American, 5% Asian and 4% American Indian. Hispanic or Latino of any race represents 5% of the population.



While 95% of the artists are American citizens, their ancestral heritage reflects a colorful rainbow of nationalities including: African, Austrian, British, Canadian, Colombian, Czechoslovakian, Dutch, Eastern Indian (Mumbai), English, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Jamaican, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Puerto Rican, Russian, Swedish, Ukrainian and Welsh.



The age range of artists span from millennials to seniors, ages 31 to 72 years old.


58% of our artists are female and 42% are male.


2% of our artists have
identified as Gay.


3% of our artists have identified as Veteran.


2% of our artists have disclosed a disability.

Note*: Current YNHH Artist

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