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Cassandra Jennings Hall


Jennings Hall initially worked in a hard edge geometric style but became dissatisfied with the constriction of the linear form. She began to create subtle surfaces full of rich color, balancing calligraphic lines and soft edged shapes which betray a studied simplicity.

Cassandra Jennings Hall is an award winning artist and her work has been exhibited in museums, galleries, universities and corporations; her work is in private and corporate art collections in the New York metropolitan area. Jennings Hall continues to live and work in New Jersey.


"Each painting starts the same way; one selected color on the canvas initiates an idea that evokes the beginning form with its own composition and design. Teased and stimulated by these developments, I add one color on top of another, layering white pigment in between to create a textured image. Brushstrokes create both rhythm and movement across the canvas. In these paintings my aim is to describe life's emotions and represent nature’s mysteries in a more tangible form."

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