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Justo Osuna

Contemporary painter Justo Osuna works in acrylic on canvas. Interested in artistic attempts to transcend the limitations of the everyday, in his work he offers forms and compositions that defy the very notion of boundaries and borders. In his effort to represent landscape through lines, gestures and luscious glazes, his works dip into the territory of magical realism. His paintings play with our given notions of what is real in nature, and at the same time they reinforce our sense of belonging to the earth. Osuna claims it is the flora and fauna of his homeland of Venezuela that enriches the vibrant colors of his chosen palette with sweet residues of cultural memory. Ultimately, Osuna strives to offer an account that remains faithful to the life cycles of organic matter filtered through personal emotional prisms.


Justo Osuna was born in Barcelona, Anzoátegui, Venezuela, and still resides in Anzoátegui. He graduated from the School of Arts Armando Reverón Mention Pure Art, has received various awards and been included in solo and group exhibitions in Venezuela and abroad.

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