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Call for Legal-Themed Artwork


Champions of Justice by Ted Ellis


Picture That Picture That is purchasing legal-themed artwork on behalf of PT Foundation's Annual Scholarship Fund (Patent Quality Education and Training Foundation). The purpose of this scholarship fund is to help increase the representation of African-American Patent Lawyers. Given this, a portion of proceeds from art sales will be allocated towards the cost of tuition for students who pursue Patent Law Careers and matriculate at one of eight HBCU law schools.



Category I - Originals (Paintings, Collage, Watercolors, Drawings, Mixed Media, etc.)


Category II - Limited Edition Prints (Lithographs, Serigraphs, Etchings, Engravings, Woodcuts, etc.)


Category III - Photography 


Category IV - Prints (Giclees, Open Edition and Posters)


Category V - Sculpture


Category VI - Tapestry


Only legal-themed artwork will be considered. For example, courtroom and legal scenes as well as legal symbols, such as Scales of Justice. We are especially interested in images that depict intellectual property, patents and/or inventions. Legal-themed artwork that includes ethnic, gender and generational diversity is a plus.





1. Up to ten (10) digital images in JPG file format; 150 dpi or greater (3.5" in size). Name the JPG files the same as artwork title and include the medium.



2. Artist Bio and/or Artist Statement including name, email address, artist location, telephone number and web address.



3. A listing of the works including: title, medium, size (height x width x depth), price in U.S. dollars.

Please format the subject of your e-mail as follows:




For example: LT_MarshallThurgood_PTFoundation




If you would like your legal-themed work considered, please e-mail the required materials by Monday, December 21, 2020 to


Thanks for your participation and support!

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