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Molly Landreth


Embodiment: A Portrait of Queer Life in America, is the first ever comprehensive web based documentary and archive to explore the LGBTQ community in America as a whole, through photographs and video interviews.


This project seeks to introduce individuals from urban and rural areas and highlight a national experience in its many diverse, overlapping and even conflicting parts. As we engage with the connecting themes of love, religion, race, class, family, geography and gender identity, we seek to actively change the way queer communities are perceived, and offer individuals a chance to speak for themselves. In 2011 Embodiment will be launched as a collaborative multi-media website featuring short films from contributing artists and photographs of individuals across the USA. These photo + video character profiles will be released episodically on our brand new website which is currently under construction!


Most recently Embodiment has traveled abroad and hopes to expand even further. Check out A Portrait of Queer Brighton, England at

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