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Stamford Students Create Art To Celebrate Black History Month

Madison Delelle of Stamford High School stands next to her artwork at Sunday's reception for students at the Sackler Art Gallery at Stamford's Palace Theatre.

STAMFORD, Conn. — The Sackler Art Gallery at Stamford's Palace Theatre celebrated Black History Month as well as the city's students in a special exhibit Sunday.

The Sackler Art Gallery hosted its 12th annual art reception for the Student Cultural Arts & Literacy program.

The reception featured works of art by Stamford students in kindergarten through 12th grade. All of the work was created to celebrate Black History Month.

The themes were Poetic Justice, African-American Artists during Harlem Renaissance and WPA, and Make Health A Habit.

Kimberly McKinney (left) with event organizer Valerie Cooper, in front of McKinney's artwork.

"This is our 12th show, and we have around 100 students involved," event organizer Valerie Cooper told Daily Voice. "I think it's fabulous. It's wonderful to see the students and the creativity, and all around the concept of black culture.

"Students have so many competing factors ... this is all voluntary. It's like a magical show that gets created every year, and it keeps getting better and better, and more intelligent, every year."

From left: Brooke Neigler, 8, Taylor Coroni, 7, and Blake Cortell, 7, stand in front of their work.

Melani Carias, 11, and Heaven Robinson, 11, both of Stamford, with their artwork.

Visitors check out the student artwork at Sunday's reception.

Samuel Kim (right) of Stamford High, with his teacher Paul Cusano, next to Kim's artwork (at right).

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