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Picture That Art Consultants Displays Sholeh Janati's Artwork in Sacred Heart University's S

Picture That Art Consultants continues its valued partnership with Sacred Heart University (SHU) by displaying its first art exhibition of a rotational schedule in their Graduate Center in Stamford, CT.

The company was called upon by Vice Provost for Special Academic Programs, Mary Lou DeRosa, to research, curate, and install artwork in the reception area, which includes a corridor and the student lounge of the Graduate Center. Picture That’s partnership with SHU began with an extensive and fast track art consulting project for the University’s new Frank and Marisa Martire Business & Communications Center completed in October 2015.

Faced with a familiarly short timeline, the company was able to solidify an artist, present art suggestions to Ms. DeRosa, and install the selected artwork on the walls of the building within a month’s timeframe. The artwork is available for students, faculty, clients, and the public to enjoy alike.

Picture That is pleased to announce that the first artist selected to exhibit their work at the SHU Graduate Center: Stamford Campus is Sholeh Janati. Ms. Janati is an accomplished artist whose works are found in Europe, Middle East and North America. Her work is characterized by strong brush strokes, rich textures and vibrant colors; her creative, spontaneous and affectionate personality shines through her paintings, which unite past, present and future. Her artwork represents a great strength of cultural identity.

Born in Tehran, she adopted the United States as her home in 1988. While her talents were originally recognized by Persian traditionalists, she has since concentrated on still life, nudes, portraits and abstract paintings, which has brought her praise from a broad spectrum of American and European enthusiasts. The vibrancy of her colors and her ability to express real life through her work is the defining characteristic of her creativity. Her recent works have focused on abstract paintings, through which she expresses her vision through a myriad of colors and shapes.

Ms. Janati is resident of Westport, CT and also a member of Stamford’s own Loft Artists Association, where she maintains a studio.

A statement by Picture That Curator, Kim McKoy, describes the exhibition: “The work displayed in the SHU Stamford Graduate Center represents Sholeh’s earlier style where she uses large, strong brush strokes. In her 2005 and 2006 works, she has introduced molding paste as a supplementary medium, which characterizes these works with a bold and diva-like texture.”

Sholeh Janati remarks that she would like the artwork to be inspirational for all the students who view them and that the students should “never seek validation for their dreams.”

In addition to SHU Graduate Center: Stamford Campus, a number of her works are also featured in another recently completed Picture That art consulting project for YNHH Park Avenue Medical Center.

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