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Celebrate Women's History Month with Cultural Artwork!

Let's Celebrate:

Women's History Month 2021

"Women Belong – RBG" by Kimberly Saunders, 2020.

Stained glass, glass tile and hematite beads on glass.

In honor of Women's History Month, we invite you to enjoy our catalog of the month featuring art by emerging women artists.

In addition to purchasing artwork to adorn the walls of your corridors, offices and conference rooms, you can also consider ordering mini-print keepsakes to support your firm’s recruiting, marketing and networking events. Our roster of women artists are also available to participate in virtual ARTIST TALKs and LUNCH & LEARNs to discuss their careers and portfolios with your Employee Resource Groups and others.

The artist's work is currently on sale and can be viewed by clicking the link below.

We invite you to shop for art in our Women’s Catalog through April 15. Shortly after, we’ll release our GREEN Art Catalog to celebrate Sustainability Month and Earth Day as we aim to "Restore Our Earth"!

In addition to supporting the careers of our emerging artists, a portion of the proceeds will be donated towards the PT Foundation Scholarship Fund. Thanks again for your contributions towards an excellent cause.


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