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The Weary Blues
Caged Bird
Make Health a Habit
The Rose That Grew From Concrete
Poem ( Helene Johnson)
We Wear the Mask
Self Portrait
Portrait of Toni Morrison
Still I Rise
Still I Rise

Stamford Public Schools

2019 Black History Month

15th Annual Student Cultural Arts & Literary Program

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Salute to the Harlem Renaissance! Our 2019 themes focused on the Harlem Renaissance. The rationale for this was to align with the intellectual, social and artistic explosion that spanned the 1920s that took place in Harlem, NY. In addition to celebrating black culture, the annual exhibition, in most cases, serves as the first public display for the students’ artwork, giving the students, their parents, and their teachers a memorable experience to cherish for years to come. The education-themed exhibition  was installed on UCONN Stamford's campus during Black History Month 2019. 

2019 Black History Month Student Exhibition Subject Themes

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2019 Participating Stamford Public Schools

  1. Toquam Elementary School

  2. Westover Elementary School

  3. Dolan Middle School

  4. Stamford High School

  5. Westhill High School

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