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Cheryl Warrick

Cheryl is a Boston-based painter and printmaker. She is perhaps best known for her richly colored and quilt like paintings that explore the journey of wisdom. Much of her work incorporates proverbs, symbols and landscapes. All of her work invites the viewer to open doors to find visual relationships in the paintings and quietly discover their meaning.

She believes that art has the power to transform, to change and to heal. 

Cheryl looks for beauty and inspiration in the ordinary- sidewalk cracks, layers of weather painted, bits of rusted metal. She live across the street from the Arnold Arboretum and visits there daily.

Her  mixed media paintings are layered with found papers, text and textures to create a feeling of deep space for the viewer to travel through. She uses acrylic paint because it dries quickly and allows her to work in layers.

Painting from an intuitive process, her landscapes are invented from what she calls, "internal knowing". She feels that we all know these landscapes because they are rooted in our collective unconscious. She uses symbols and archetypes like empty chairs and vessels that invite the viewer to find relationships between things that don't seem connected. 

Cheryl's paintings can be found in numerous collections including, The Boston Public Library, Boston, MA, Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, Philadelphia Free Library, Philadelphia, PA, Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art, Providence, RI, Rose Art Museum, Waltham, MA, Harpo Productions, Chicago, Il, Fidelity Investments, Boston, MA, Embassy Suites Hotel, Philadelphia, PA, Lucent Technologies, New York, NY.

When she is not in her South End Studio painting, Cheryl works as a freelance commerical artist. She creates illustrations, hand lettering and surface patterns for licensing and her commercial work is represented by Wild Apple Graphics. Her licensed art can be found on products by Mohawk Carpet and Design Desgn among others. 

She also enjoys teaching Restorative yoga and meditaion to private clients and when her schedule permits she teaches painting and printmaking in her studio.

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