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Jeannine Dostal

I started a career in fashion design which took me to India to design beaded/sequined dresses which were featured in the Paris Pret Show…


While I was creating graphics for Crabel Sportswear faux finishing fell into my lap…I took the challenge and ran with it!! 20 years and a terrific career later I am still going strong!! My finishes have made it to canvas work and I am so excited to see what's around the creative corner for me!!


I specialize in plaster and fresco wall finishes as well as countless others. I have written a book and been featured in many publications as well as have had to honor to be in Gary Lord's faux finishing books as well.


Soundview Plaza, 1266 East Main Street, Suite 700R, Stamford, CT 06902  ||  203.977.8203  ||
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