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Kevin Conklin

A Native of Connecticut, Kevin has received great acclaim and numerous awards for his impressionistic landscapes and cityscapes.


He started his art education attending a four year program at Paier College of Art, followed by two years at the Massachusetts College of Art. Upon moving back to Connecticut, he started a successful illustration career working with numerous well known advertising, corporate and editorial publishes, such as: BBD&O, Direct Marketing of America, General Electric, G.T.E., Golf Digest, Duracell, The Hartford, Inc. Magazine, Stolt & Nielson, Save the Children, Tennis Magazine, Wise & Young and many more.


Kevin moved back to his hometown of Danbury, Connecticut and rethought his objectives and goals. After years of illustrating, he found himself inspired to create fine art. Abstractions, patterns…how light hits and affects objects and shapes…cast shadows and their relationships with each other is where Kevin finds his inspiration. Using a combination of oil and oil pastels, he reflects his spiritual connection to nature, and the energy of the city.

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