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Linda Leviton

Linda Leviton creates her beautiful and colorful wall sculptures in copper, brass, stainless steel and aluminum. She makes woven wire sculpture and produces etched copper panels colored with patinas and dyes for sculpture, signage, furniture and cabinet doors. Linda Leviton’s work is modular, so she is able to create large installations for public spaces as well as small-scale pieces for homes.

Linda sells her sculpture work nationally through galleries and art shows, but she also works with corporate art consultants, interior designers and architects. Linda loves creating new, interesting sculptures that are built specifically for the space and designed with the client’s needs in mind. Please learn more about Linda and her work, and contact her if you think she’d be a good artist to transform your space.

Soundview Plaza, 1266 East Main Street, Suite 700R, Stamford, CT 06902  ||  203.977.8203  ||
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