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Lori Warner

Lori is a printmaker and encaustic painter who maintains a studio in Lyme, Connecticut and a gallery in Chester, Connecticut. She is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design where she received highest honors and the award for Excellence in Printmaking. A master printer in monotype, Lori's work often references the landscape that surrounds her. Her unique and modern artistry evokes feelings of serenity, contributing to a peaceful and tranquil environment that promotes emotional healing, which in turn has been proven to help improve physical well-being.


Her work is featured on permanent display at Smilow Cancer Hospital in New Haven and at Bridgeport Hospital. “It is personally rewarding to have people reach out to me to tell me they saw my work while they were being treated.” said Lori Warner. “I receive many emails from both clients and people I don’t know telling me they were moved by my work on display at the hospital. This personal connection has inspired me to pursue artistic placement in additional healthcare settings.”


Using traditional printmaking techniques, Lori weaves her monotypes into breathtaking imagery by slicing and weaving images and strips of her prints into one another; layering paper and ink to develop subtle texture and complex, pleasing patterns. Her monotypes are all unique, one of a kind artworks, not editioned prints. Lori paints on a plexiglass plate with oil based printing inks and transfers the image she created (with the pressure of an etching press) onto archival, printmaking paper. It's essentially a painting, but the paint is absorbed and embedded into the paper. She then mounts her prints on a wooden panel (the result being very similar to an oil painting) or has them framed under glass, depending upon the request of the client.


Artwork created for healthcare and business environments is inspired by a landscape. The landscapes are about time and growth in nature and use a palette of appropriate colors and imagery which allows the viewer to rest in it's composition. Lori also creates commissioned artwork. A custom piece with hospital and regional history can be created as an anchor piece for lobbies, board rooms and spaces that would benefit from a more narrative work.

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