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After his parents immigrated to the United States from Columbia, Carlos Bautista spent endless hours perusing his father’s large collection of art books. He was in awe and inspired by the paintings of the old masters such as Caravaggio, Rembrandt and Velazquez. Illustration soon became Bautista’s obsession. But it wasn’t until his first trip to Italy that Bautista fully realized his desire to become an artist. He was determined “to create a humanistic aesthetic” in his world after walking around the cultured and historical streets of Florence, Rome and Venice. Upon his return home, he was rejuvenated and had fallen in love with life and all its possibilities.


Bautista states that he is focused on creating visual poems that transcend spoken language. His work is about the grace, innocence and beauty of people and with a gentle touch of surrealism, Bautista seeks to render narratives of magical and humanistic imagery.

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