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Curt Strickland

Curt Strickland is an owner and in-house photographer at Great American Art. His philosophy as an artist is embraced in our company mission.


Art should serve to heal, inspire, provoke, challenge and to offer hope - but most of all to connect... to remind us of our common humanity. 

I also believe that photography should tell a story. When designing spaces with art and photography I always try to tell a story, presenting different themes in different spaces, creating vignettes, almost short stories, for each unique area. 


For me, photography is a spiritual exercise, endlessly serendipitous, almost magical, as when a burst of light presents itself, illuminating a scene that was drab only seconds before. 


As a photographer, you are often rewarded with this magic, this awe, usually after hard work, patience and persistence. As with any endeavor, the universe rewards these qualities. I believe in the power of art. 


At Great American we seek to celebrate the artist because we believe a society and a culture is as healthy as its artists can flourish. We tirelessly seek out cutting edge artists, under-served artists, known and unknown artists - artists who seek to create impact with the beauty of their creation.

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