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Stuart Weismiller

Photo by Blake Robinson

For as long as I can remember, art has been a driving force in my life. I put brush to paper at age six, following an extensive phase of bathroom finger painting. Growing up in Richmond VA, I was fortunate to take classes at the Virginia Museum, as well as from several local artists.


At the University of North Carolina, I majored in fine arts and psychology and began to experiment with art therapy, using figures, symbols and color to work with troubled families and the mentally ill.  Despite forays into the “real world” as a financial services executive and consultant, I have remained devoted to painting and creating art, often taking classes at Silvermine and the Rowayton Arts Center, and teaching aspiring artists.


My art is expressed through how I approach a subject, what I see, and how I feel about the relationship between the subject and its surrounding elements. The subjects of my paintings include animals, flowers, landscapes, and what I call “Life Portraits,” in which I use everyday objects such as shoes, watches, eye glasses or neckties to capture a personality.


I frequently incorporate humor into my work to reflect a whimsical situation or an unspoken character trait, such as how a dog might really feel about life. My flowers and landscapes are also an expression of the moment, but tend to be more representative in style. Regardless of my subject, I try to project my passion for color, composition and the unpredictable beauty of nature.


You have probably seen me walking in Rowayton with my husband, Chip, and dog, Crockett, the patient but spontaneous subject of many recent efforts. My work has been included in numerous juried exhibitions at The Rowayton Arts Center, Greenwich Art Society, Silvermine Northeast Regional Show, The Hulbert Gallery, and Art on the Avenue in Greenwich. My pet portrait commissions hang in happy homes throughout the U.S.

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