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Picture That proudly launches H-DAP, a HBCU Digital Art Collection Project that virtually 

connects HBCU Art Collections nationwide.



SiriusXM is proud to present the HBCU Digital Art Collection Project (H-DAP) to commence our Juneteenth inaugural celebration. The overall purpose of H-DAP is to virtually create an “underground railroad handshake” between every HBCU Art Collection in the country, to advance the study of African American Art History, for purposes including: 1) Accessibility 2) Educational Inclusion and 3) Cultural Enrichment. 

We invite you to celebrate Juneteenth by previewing these important works of art from the permanent art collections of our six HBCU Partners.

The purpose of this project is to deepen & strengthen relationships between SiriusXM and our HBCU Pathway Partners. We also believe that art is an excellent teaching tool to promote awareness of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Given this, our hope is that by viewing these rare and prestigious works from the six HBCU Art Collections, you will take away information that is educational and culturally enriching about the HBCU Institutions in general, the HBCU Art Collections specifically, and the African American culture overall.

Washington, D.C.
Founded 1867

Austin, TX
Founded 1875

Baltimore, MD
Founded 1867

Prairie View, TX
Founded 1876

Atlanta, GA
Founded 1881

Howard University
Huston-Tillotson University